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SoundCloud And DailyMotion Are Now On Hootsuite

Awesome: SoundCloud And DailyMotion Are Now On Hootsuite

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Hootsuite has created two new great features with the inclusion of Soundcloud and Dailymotion into the social media management tools in the Hootsuite app. This a great new set of tools for indie musicians and film/video people for getting the word out about their projects without getting overextended on social media time. You can embed the Soundcloud app into what you share on social media, making the player available from right there within user's feeds.

HootSuite lets users implement social network marketing across many social networks from a single dashboard. Since technology and social media competition is pretty fierce and time consuming, these features are exciting for existing users as well as attracting new Hootsuite users. As an indie musician, you can work your presence on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and other social media applications at the same time in one place: Hootsuite. This will make your social networking marketing strategy easier to manage.

Also, any music fan that finds great music on Soundcloud can share that with their following. Soundcloud is a streaming music site that is to audio what YouTube is to video. A Soundcloud account allows you to upload sounds to its site, so you can share them with anyone on the internet; it's free to use and allows you to follow other Soundcloud users.

Now Soundcloud users can play music as they browse HootSuite, because the SoundCloud app works inside of the Hootsuite app. Users can listen to their favorite bands, podcasts, and streaming radio stations on HootSuite itself. Apart from that, users can even upload their own sounds and share them with other users.

With the Dailymotion app, users can upload their videos and share them online. After the success of YouTube and Vimeo app, the introduction of Dailymotion creates one more opportunity to reach a new audience. So now, searching and viewing channels, individual videos and all sorts of professional content is no problem.



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