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James Holden Has A New Single for “Circle of Fifths” + Tour

James Holden Has A New Single for “Circle of Fifths” + Tour

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Techno and progressive house guy James Holden may have changed his moniker to the minimal Holden, but the musical output is still at a maximum.  He has a new 12” single set to arrive on Nov. 11, called “Circle Of Fifths” on his own Border Community label. “Circle Of Fifths” comes from his full-length album The Inheritors, and offers up three new interpretations of the song. Take a listen to “Circle Of Fifths (Tool)” below.

The release date for the The Inheritors was in June, so this is a nice follow-up. “Circle Of Fifths” was the twelfth song in a tracklist of 15 songs.


Factmag said "‘Circle of Fifths’ was a clear standout, but far from the obvious ‘single’ candidate. It’s beatless, for one, a fact that Holden quickly remedies on the Tool version, adding flickering kick drums to punctuate the woozy, psychedelic synths."

How does the track hold up? James says that it’s a “deep-and-dirty primal club freakout that brings the lunatic gibbering of the mysterious Shimble right to the forefront, to overwhelmingly disorientating effect

ResidentAdvisor adds that the three-part single will include the Tool, Dub and "Gibbersolo" interpretations of the song. The Holden tour is is already underway and will hit North America and Europe, including dates with Atoms For Peace this week.
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