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iTunes Radio Gets Global As Apple Expands to UK, Canada, Australia & Nordic Regions

iTunes Radio Gets Global As Apple Expands to UK, Canada, Australia & Nordic Regions

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iTunes Radio is one of the best features of the brand new iOS 7, but it’s been a US exclusive so far. It was initially launched only in the US version of the iTunes app, but due to its high success rate as a streaming radio service, Apple plans to expand it to a number of English speaking countries. According to Bloomberg’s report, the service will be expanded by 2014.

Bloomberg said specifically that people with knowledge of the situation said “Apple is moving faster than Pandora because it forged agreements for international rights with Vivendi SA (VIV)’s Universal Music Group and other record companies.” In the video below, Emily Chang and Jon Erlichman talk further on how this plays out.

iTunes Radio will be directly challenging the online music radio giant, Pandora, in Australia and New Zealand. It’s only been a month since the iTunes Radio was launched in iOS 7, but Apple is confident that iTunes Radio will capture the market in these two countries despite the competition. Pandora Radio has been serving music lovers with its services since thirteen years, but has not been able to cater UK and Canadian customers, so iTunes Radio should win the approval of millions, in these two countries, in no time.

iTunes Radio is already giving a tough time to Pandora in the US, but the statistics of these coming months will paint the picture more clearly on whether iTunes Radio has been able to capture Pandora’s customers or not.

TechCrunch also weighs in on why Apple can move iTunes Radio out so fast: “For Apple, international growth is likely less of a challenge than it is for smaller companies. The digital media giant already operates movie, music and TV content stores in many countries around the world, and previously staged the rollout of iTunes Match, its digital music locker subscription service, across different markets, too.”

“One of our top priorities is to bring iTunes Radio obviously here in the U.K. but everywhere in the world. We certainly want to be in more than 100 countries,” said Apple executive Eddy Cue when speaking to AP.



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