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Earbits Launches an Ad-Free Streaming Radio Service On iPhone & iPad

Earbits Launches an Ad-Free Streaming Radio Service On iPhone & iPad

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Earbits has launched a new streaming radio app for the iPhone and iPad. The streaming radio service is completely free and will have no ads of any sort. Moreover, the streaming service has a huge collection of songs of over 12000 artists and will have no skip or no usage restrictions. Score!

Once the Earbits Radio app is installed, you’ll automatically receive recommendations of various music channels on the basis of the songs stored in your iPhone Music Library. The main idea of the app is to promote artists and their tracks, which is why it will be available on iTunes App Store totally free and will have no ads. For the Android Nation: Earbits Radio is already available on Google Play.

“The Earbits Radio iOS app puts artists in the center of the experience, providing simple ways for listeners to engage with them,” said CEO Joey Flores. “This approach generates more value for content owners than the ad- and commercial-supported models of other net broadcasters, giving us the flexibility to offer consumers around the world an experience free of commercials or usage limitations.”

Earbits Radio will charge artists who wish to promote their tracks on radio. 1300 plays are being offered to artists for $39 and 8000 plays on various channels for $159. So it’s basically a win-win situation: artists get to promote their tracks and music lovers get a free radio streaming app with no ads and no restrictions.
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