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Check Out The New Flaming Lips Peace Sword EP

Check Out The New Flaming Lips Peace Sword EP Details

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The details are out on the Flaming Lips Peace Sword EP: the release arrives on Oct. 29 for digital and Nov. 29 for the physical CD and vinyl versions. The EP is based on a film being made from the Orson Scott Card's novel Ender's Game and is part of two Flaming Lips EPs happening this year, the other was a split EP with Tame Impala that was available on the bands’ recent tour. It follows on their big full-length release The Terror, which went over big earlier this year.


The band started out writing one song for the film, but once the vibe got rolling, the band wrote more music. "In the workings of getting to that song we'd already created a couple of these other little things that didn't appeal to [the filmmakers] but started to appeal to us. We started to like these little ideas that we kept inserting into this one theme. [We were] just getting caught up in our own little fantasy," said Wayne Coyne when speaking to Rolling Stone.


Flaming Lips - Peace Sword Tracklist

01 Peace Sword ("Open Your Heart")

02 If They Move, Shoot 'Em

03 Is The Black At The End Good

04 Think Like A Machine, Not A Boy

05 Wolf Children

06 Assassin Beetle - The Dream Is Ending



Check Out The New Flaming Lips Peace Sword EP

Flaming Lips - Peace Sword EP Cover


Check Out The New Flaming Lips Peace Sword EP

Those famous Flaming Lips hands

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