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The Orb Tour Starts This Week

The Orb Tour Starts This Week

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The Orb are returning to North America for a tour starting on Oct. 23 at the Trocadero in Pennsylvania, and ending up in New York on Nov. 2 at Webster Hall in New York. It's part of the Orb 25th Anniversary Tour. They'll also perform at the Mountain Oasis Electronic Music Summit In Asheville, North Carolina. Check out the full set of Orb tour dates here.

The Orb recently released a box set called The History Of The Future and doesn’t have any new releases in the works, at least none that are known publicly.

"It seems almost incomprehensible that it’s now 25 years since Alex Paterson took his first giant steps under the banner of The Orb. Caught in the escalating rush of acid house and armed with dream-realising new technology, Alex, and whoever else was on his flight path at the time, started pumping their inherent sense of mischief into panoramic soundscapes with heavyweight beats, taking the live electronic experience to new levels," they said in a statement on their website.


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