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The Future Of Mount Kimbie, In The Words Of Kai Campos

The Future Of Mount Kimbie, In The Words Of Kai Campos

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Mount Kimbie have spoken on the future musical direction they'll be taking, saying more experimentation is in the cards as well as an exploration of what can be done with drum machines.

"I’m getting more and more interested in drum machines and the kind of rhythms they lend themselves to. I wouldn’t rule anything out, but to be honest, I really don’t think about what kind of music I’m going to make before I do it—which may mean what comes out doesn’t ever work in that context," said Kai Campos in an interview with BeatPort.

Kai also said they favored an open-ended approach to how they put together the songs on their latest album Cold Spring, Faultless Youth, using lots of available time to try new things, including traditional instruments vs electronic ones.

"We had more space to write and have stuff lying around. More songs were started on traditional band instruments, I guess, but we try to just work with sound that gets us excited in some way—whatever source that may be from."

Check out the latest offering from Mount Kimbie with “You Took Your Time” (Lee Gamble Remix). Mount Kimbie is currently on tour in the US in October and in Europe in November.
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