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October 21, 2013

This was a demo for FatCat Records from a band from Canterbury England. The band clearly knows how to draw a tight post-punk composition out of thin air, and give it the warm vitality of life. Post-punk so often comes off as cold and brash, but Cosmic Thoughts  innovate with droney keyboards and combine cold punk leanings with a more Neu! or Stereolab approach to sound-building. It’s todays free MP3 download and is well worth the effort to get a copy.

FatCat Records said that they’re “a four piece from Canterbury who name Bernard Sumner, Electrelane, Neu!, Kevin Shields and “the general 'too cool for school' aesthetic of Sofia Coppola films that marry harsh, cold post punk sounds with more warm, dreamy, romantic visuals” as influences. Since having formed in 2008, they have been keen to ‘exemplify DIY ethos, inviting friends to get involved and generally all that obvious stuff that goes with being in a punk band.’”


Listen to Cosmic Thoughts - “No Youth” | Free MP3 Download


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