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Bonobo Talks Influences In A New Interview

Bonobo Talks Influences In A New Interview

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Bonobo the music guy (a.k.a. Simon Green ) is known for his downtempo, chill style of electronic music. So what's he listening to these days? Here it is, straight from the Bonobo's mouth:

"Still the same! My roots are in jazz—not that swinging jazz but the spiritual side of it—the Coltranes, Sun Ra. I’ve been listening to a lot of neo-classical stuff lately, too, guys like Matthew Bourne, and Yann Tiersen. I love piano. I love that kind of filmic quality of music. I love listening to film soundtracks," he said in an interview with Beatport.

Not that's all that influences him. He generally looks in all directions for new ideas, saying "... there’s never just one thing, one record. Never. Everything has influenced my sound. Everything you listen to influences in its own way. It’s just how you listen that’s important."

He's touring now through the end of November, then he'll resume shows in Australia for New Years and January before bouncing to Sonar Sonar Stockholm.


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