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October 23, 2013

Fat synths meet lively beats on "Quatic" by Botany. The song is part of a larger conceptual album called Lava Divinier, in which Spencer Stevenson set out to tell the tale of a religious cult that was praying for a volcano to erupt. What actually happened was Stevinson projected his own struggle and journey on to that storyline. As always, the artist told their tale indirectly at first, transforming it into their own story as it progressed.

“As work on the record progressed, I began to realize that the musical journey was a direct reflection of my most hard-to-quantify life experiences. Lava Diviner is about very real transformations in my being, so it’s a true story in that sense… I always imagined my first album being like a volcano, with years of pent-up emotion and musical ideas bubbling up to a cathartic release. So, I always knew that symbolism would end up being a part of my first full-length.”

As for the musical concept he took a totally different approach, aiming big and trying to connect to an ambitious idea.

“On Lava Diviner, I wanted to conjure that same headspace that artists like Roger Dean, and even Zdzislaw Beksinski project in their iconic paintings. I tried to evoke those grand, colourful, surreal landscapes that are mind-bending yet oddly comforting - sci-fi and epic and holy, all at the same time.”

The album is out now on Western Vinyl Records.


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