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October 23, 2013

Not as much of a video as it is a visualizer, the new video from Helado Negro for the song “Enters” gets frantic with a visual representation of sounds that's just as fun to watch as it is to listen to, and comes closer to representing the actual sounds than most visualizers. The song “Enters” is from the album Island Universe Story Two. If you dig this, also try the songs Detroit and stop living dead which are available as a free MP3 download here.

Asthmatic Kitty calls Island Universe Story Two "the second in an ongoing series of EPs from Roberto Lange, a.k.a. Helado Negro. Not designed to “tease” or “build up to” or kill time between the Helado Negro albums, these releases shadow the LPs, moving darkly alongside them—and, like a shadow, may be more easily described by what they aren’t than what they are."

”It’s a parallel to the continuum of the album,” explains Lange. They’re ”something next to the albums, on kind of their own timeline,” a second stream, offering an alternate glimpse into Helado Negro’s ongoing process. This is more of what I do. I’m really making music every day,” said Roberto Lange.


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