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Nokia Music+ Illustrates The Race To Go Global With Streaming Music Services

Nokia Music+ Illustrates The Race To Go Global With Streaming Music Services

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The race is on for streaming music services: mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, car stereos and home stereos, as well as desktop and laptop computers. Plus, it’s a global connection game now, with all the players trying to expand anywhere there’s a potential audience.

Nokia recently announced the Nokia Music+ expansion of  its services in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia at the Nokia World conference. Nokia’s Music+ will be available on Nokia smartphones and tablets, as well as car music systems.

Nokia plans to compete with Pandora and iTunes Radio by expanding to get a foothold anywhere there’s a good audience. It’s an example of how every streaming music player out there wants to be the first to fill a niche market, and there’s no shortage of countries with Asia, Europe and North America to choose from.

Music lovers will be able to listen to their favorite songs, artists and albums on their Nokia smartphones or tablets, and as far as the car drivers are concerned, the Nokia music radio app will feature larger icons making it easier for the driver to select the song or album they want to listen to.

“Music is the biggest and most important use case in the car: I would argue that people spend more time listening to music while driving than they do using navigation services. Yet the FM radio has not really evolved for however many tens of years,” said Nokia Entertainment VP Jyrki Rosenburg when speaking to MusicAlly.

This also includes mobile devices: in fact, Nokia recently announced the release of  two new devices, the Lumia 2520 and Lumia 1520, to compete with the world-leading companies Samsung and Apple. Lumia 2520 is a 10.1 inch, Nokia’s first Windows tablet which Nokia claims to be the best tablet to read on, in the bright sunlight.
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