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October 28, 2013

The new Beach Fossils video for the song “Generational Synthetic” is one-part throwback to the days of VHS video, as well as an example of how the "indie music revolution" can give artists the means to oversee every part of their media output. This is a good thing and a bad thing, all at the same time.

The video is a commentary on how the music and visual art scene these days is in such a hurry to crank out more stuff, and as a result the output can become shallow and hollow. As a result, there's no telling of a story. It's been replaced by endless stream-of-consciousness-style live coverage, random and and abstract.

The video is “partially about how movements in art and music are progressing so quickly today that they become hollowed out and unrepresentative of anybody or anything,” said director Pierce McGarry when speaking to MTV Hive.

In a statement for for the Beach Fossils' recording label Captured Tracks, he went on to say: "It was a befouled night in Brighton England. The pier was sullied with crumbs of meat fallen off the tail of some young fresh hot dogs. The waves were undulating and thrusting at the shore, like a weight lifter killing a friend in a steroid craze with his bare knuckles. Amongst all the chaos Dustin, his gang, and I met up. We were like “hey lets shoot a video!?” Then unanimously we shouted at a reasonable decibel level “why not?” and “ya.” so we did!"

“Generational Synthetic” is from the Beach Fossils album Clash The Truth, which is out now on Captured Tracks.



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