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Yesss! New Album From Mogwai + Listen To An Advance Song

Yesss! New Album From Mogwai + Listen To An Advance Song

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At last! New music from Mogwai. The off-bent, hell-bent, AWESOME Mogwai will return to us in the new year with a new full-length album called Rave Tapes. They released their new song today with "Remurdered," which you can check out below. Rave Tapes is being released on Jan 20/21 depending what side of the Atlantic you live on -- Sub Pop in North America and Mogwai's own Rock Action! records for the rest of the world.

This album relives some of the old Mogwai glory but also brings in a new approach, as the press release outlines: "mined from the same quarry as its predecessors, wreathed in painterly textures underpinned by increasingly electronic beats. The haunted strains of Deesh channel the slow-burning ecstasy of their 2006 song Auto Rock (a key presence in the denouement of Michael Mann’s film of Miami Vice that year) while the guitars on which Mogwai built their reputation remain, if for the most part less overtly belligerent this time round, as evidenced by the somnambulant opener Heard About You Last Night and the sonic scowl of Hexon Bogon."

Mogwai are playing All Tomorrow's Parties End of Era festival in December and wii tour starting at the end of January 2014. Check out the freshest set of Mogwai tour dates.


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