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Massive Attack Reissue A CLASSIC: Mezzanine This November

Massive Attack Reissue A CLASSIC: Mezzanine This November

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Massive Attack are reissuing perhaps the most defining album of their history with the newly announced Mezzanine reissue. Competition for the best Massive Attack album ever can arguably go toe to toe with Blue Lines, which elevated the group to international recognition.

But Mezzanine was where it all came together, sounding, well, massive ... like an ominous music machine in the dark of night that comes out of nowhere only to saturate your everywhere. It included the breakthrough single "Teardrop."

The Vinyl Factory is saying that the album marked a shift in the groups sound, commenting that "Internal conflicts impacted the way the album looked and sounded, with Robert Del Naja was keen to take them in a more aggressive direction, moving away from American hip hop culture in favour of a starker, punk-influenced aesthetic. The black and white cover was menacing and apocalyptic, the music paranoid and truly original." And AWESOME.

The Massive Attack Mezzanine reissue will be released on Nov. 11 on Universal Music and The Vinyl Factory.


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