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RJD2: Making More Is Than Isn’t On A Purely Improv Basis

RJD2: Making More Is Than Isn’t On A Purely Improv Basis

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RJD2 talks on his latest album, More Is Than Isn’t, saying that when he started the album, he kept an open mind to see how things would turn out. His approach is to not go in with a pre-formulated state of mind and go for a purely improvisational and innovative method.

"... my approach to music is more along the lines of getting in the studio and recording, and whatever happens, happens. If I use the paint-by-numbers analogy, it’s not like I have a template in mind where I’m filling in colors or anything. It’s more like, I don’t know where a song is headed, or an album is headed. I go into it without any preconceived notions. Just kinda let it happen," he said in an interview with Beatport.

He also uses the same wide-open take on coming up with song names, collecting ideas everywhere and anywhere. He uses the modern-day version of the Moleskine notebook: a notepad app on his mobile phone to keep track of ideas at the second the come to mind:

"... the way I do it is I’ll collect phrases and I have a notepad app on my phone and I’ll hear a phrase or a phrase will come to me and I’ll write it down. So I have a running tally of phrases that don’t have any meaning in them. Like, “Behold, Numbers.” [Laughs] I dunno, I think I was thinking about numbers one day. It’s amusing to me, anyway. All of the phrases, including the album titles… I don’t know if they have meaning to anybody else but me [laughs]."

The RJD2 album More Is Than Isn’t is out now. Check out the songs “Her Majesty's Socialist Request” and “Temperamental” from the album below.


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