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SoundCloud Is Now Using Instagram Photos on SoundCloud Songs

SoundCloud Is Now Using  Instagram Photos on SoundCloud Songs

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SoundCloud has come a long way in its time as being the streaming music service of choice for musicians to post their music. They've come a long way since even July, jumping by 50 million new users. In that month, they hit the 200 million SoundCloud users mark, and they just announced this week at the TechCrunch Disrupt Europe conference that they've reached 250 million users.

What's even more awesome is that you can now use the online picture hosting social media network Instagram with SoundCloud, tapping your photo stream to work art into your SoundCloud channel. They’ve posted a how-to guide on how to get it done, and it involves linking your Instagram account with your SoundCloud account. Musicians can use live photos, album covers, and day-to-day photos in SoundCloud.

It also lets you work two social media outlets effortlessly and seamlessly, taking advantage of both to provide updates without having to do double time on uploading photos. If that’s not social media optimisation, than what is?

“It’s easy. Connect your Instagram feed to your SoundCloud account.  Then you’ll be free to choose your best photos to add to your tracks, playlists, groups, or profile. You can do it straight away when you post on SoundCloud, or add Instagram images later on the sound or track’s page. Looking for inspiration? Kaskade and Krewella have already hooked it up,” reads the SoundCloud blog.

So use SoundCloud for online storage of your sounds, and Instagram for your online picture hosting, then go work your social networking magic on your audience!
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