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iTunes Radio vs Pandora Radio: Who Wins Best Internet Radio?

iTunes Radio vs Pandora Radio: Who Wins Best Internet Radio?

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So now that iTunes Radio has been out for a while, how does it stack up for best internet radio? What's your take on iTunes Radio vs Pandora Radio, the big battle that the media obsessed over before the launch? A new report from Canaccord Genuity shows that although a lot of people have tried iTunes Radio, they're still using Pandora. And iTunes Radio.


iTunes Radio vs Pandora Radio: What’s your best internet radio?

Which probably isn't that shocking. Pandora has been around for years compared to iTunes Radio’s months, and people have built up a comfort level and familiarity with Pandora for internet radio streaming.

"Approximately 72 percent of consumers surveyed were running iOS 7, and about 40 percent of that group had tried iTunes Radio. Just eight percent ditched Pandora entirely for Cupertino's service, while forty-four percent split their listening time roughly equally," reads AppleInsider.

Which probably goes to show that marketers always want to think that people will use a product or service "exclusively," the reality is they usually use a couple of them to piece together everything they want. Brand loyalty is dead.

Maybe it never existed. Brand loyalty is a great concept for marketing departments to rally around, a cause and a reason to show up at work every day. Most of us would never use a product or service exclusively except in rare cases. iTunes Radio vs Pandora Radio? Both.

I've been checking out iTunes Radio and love it so far, I think it's everything that Pandora Radio is, with the exception that Pandora Radio tends to feed me a lot of music that I don't like. I can run iTunes Radio in the background when I'm working all day without having to mess with it much, Pandora Radio I have to reach for the skip button more often.The result is that I don't use Pandora internet radio for an extended period of time, only in short bursts.

There’s also Siri, which Pandora doesn’t have. I find myself calling up options via Siri more and more often. It’s a big upside for iPhone app development to have Siri when you’re driving, exercising, or on the go.

So iTunes Radio vs Pandora Radio? For me to listen to music online it's both, but iTunes Radio has the leading edge. I'll still also use Spotify and Rdio and MOG (while it lasts) because the experience and music recommendation is different.


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