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Twitter #Music App: Stayin’ Alive On The Twitter Website

Twitter #Music App: Stayin’ Alive On The Twitter Website

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A rocky six month tenure of the Twitter #Music app is about to come to an end. It has been reported that Twitter is considering taking down its music app to make it a feature of the website itself.

Some sources claim that Twitter intends to integrate the app but it does not seem to be the case. According to Billboard, Twitter #Music will become a part of the Twitter platform and will act as an attraction for new and current users. The Twitter #Music app was not designed by the Twitter team, and is now about to shut down. One of the many issues which the consumers complained about was not being able to play complete songs. The mobile app had to be left in order to play full songs, leaving most twitter followers to abandon use. Analytics showed little use in the stats, and mobile use suffered as a result.

“It is unclear what Twitter’s time frame is for ultimately ending support for Twitter #Music, as the company is currently in the midst of revamping its music department. But sources tell AllThingsD that the app’s fate is nearly sealed,” reads AllThingsD.

The Verge also points out that for a social media music app, #Music didn’t let people receive recommendations based on who they follow on Twitter, saying  “It seems natural that you would be able to see what influential people you follow on Twitter like to listen to, but such functionality is largely absent from #Music.”

The Twitter team believes that the music app was a standalone application and was not directly related to the Twitter platform. It forced people to use Twitter in a way in which they were not used to. Although the Twitter #Music app started off very well in April, it soon fell off the charts when it started losing its hype. According to AppData’s October Twitter stats, Twitter #Music was ranked at 165th number in the category of free music apps.

The Twitter team has decided to take down the music app and believes that it will work better on the Twitter platform, rather than being a separate app for mobile.
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