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Pandora Radio Launched A New Music App For Android

Pandora Radio Launched A New Music App For Android

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Pandora Radio has decided to expand its horizons by with a free Android app. It’s been specifically designed for Android tablets with updated and enhanced features. The app is basically for Pandora’s Internet radio and music recommendation service, and has been added on the Google Play App Store in the US, Australia and New Zealand.

The biggest online radio streaming service  is expected to give iTunes Radio a tough time, and the interface will take  advantage of bigger screens. Updated functions include the personalization of stations, sharing of songs, and an ability to add  more information about a band and their albums to a specific station. The ability to discover and explore more about your favorite albums and artists is a huge attraction for Pandora’s listeners.

The Pandora Android app features a direct purchase from Amazon option as well, allowing you to click and buy from the “Now Playing” screen. Moreover, listeners will have a personal profile in which they can save their music feeds, store their favorite radio channels and stations, and bookmark their favorite tracks.

Social media? Listeners will also have an option of sharing their favorite tracks on social networks in real time directly from the app. Links to various stations can be posted on Twitter and songs can be directly posted on Facebook. Pandora’s Android music app is available for download now on the Google Play App Store.
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