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EPM Music Is Releasing Its Second Selected Series With Techno Music

EPM Music Is Releasing Its Second Selected Series With Techno Music

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More of a connector and promoter than an actual recording label, EPM Music "promotes, markets and distributes electronic music around the world." They're releasing the second installment of their Selected series, which is due out on Dec. 16. The compilation includes Swedish producer Kristian Heikkila’s We Want Techno, Abe Duque & Paris The Black Fu on  The Driver, Lee J. Malcolm, Carl Taylor and more. It'll focus mostly on techno but also include some rare tracks as well.

Drumming with Lee J. Malcolm Episode 1


EPM Music: Selected Vol.2 Tracklist

01. Kristian Heikkila – We Want Techno (feat. Infy)

02. Abe Duque & Paris The Black Fu – The Driver

03. Lee J. Malcolm – One Star / Applicant (James Ruskin Re-Work)

04. Carl Taylor - Perplexer

05. Paul Mac - Old

06. Inigo Kennedy – Interaction*

07. BPMF – T.I.T.S. This Is Techno Soul

08. Orlando Voorn - Wiggle

09. Kristian Heikkila – Acid Spore

10. The Third Man – Sleep It Off


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