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November 4, 2013

Long time indie hip hop guy Jel is returning with his third album, titled Late Pass, and a new video for the song "Look Up." The video is an urban tale of encounters, moving Slacker-style (the movie) through various people whose paths overlap.


For those that haven't seen the Richard Linklater movie, it's an abstract narrative of seemingly random conversations, until you realize a loosely consctructed plot vehicle of people moving scene to scene and overlapping with other characters being and the same scene and pickiing up the roving dialogue to continue it anew.

For Jel, the song and album represents a return to form, with Late Pass coming after a hiatus that ended with Greenball 3.5 in 2012, after a five-year absence of not releasing albums. Not that Jel was being a Slacker of his own though, he's a founding member of the great Anticon recording label in Los Angeles and has certainly kept busy doing other things.

“The title came from how I was just late in delivering a third album and how motherfuckers are late onto me. It represents where I’m at right now. I’m not falling the fuck off. I’m not getting super large. I’m doing my thing,” Jel says. Late Pass is out now on Anticon.  Also check out the song “La Resolve” from Late Pass.



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