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Rhapsody Radio Launches For Android, iPhone and iPad

Rhapsody Radio Launches For Android, iPhone and iPad

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Not wanting to be left out, Rhapsody Music has created a new mobile app for an online streaming radio service called Rhapsody Radio. They've partnered with the well-known group The Echo Nest, and the mobile app is available now for Android, as well as the iPhone and iPad via iOS.

Rhapsody Radio features include a free music player with no ads, unlimited skipping, the ability to preview and rewind songs. Remember the days when free radio services meant advertisements, limited skipping and limited playback options? Those days are over. You can also build Rhapsody playlists.

"In partnership with The Echo Nest, music fans can now enjoy curated artist and song-based stations, whether you’re a Rhapsody subscriber in the U.S. or a Napster subscriber in Europe or Latin America. By leveraging The Echo Nest’s Taste Profiles, we give our members perfectly personalized radio. Listeners can access editorial, genre and mood-based stations curated by the Rhapsody team or create and save their own personalized stations for later," reads the update on the Rhapsody blog.
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