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November 5, 2013

Tricky has chops, you have to give him that. Not only has he done well in music, but his forays into video for his latest album False Idols are praise-worthy for their artistic styling and attention to detail. Take the new video for “Is That Your Life,” off of his most recent album False Idols.

The story is a take on a drug-addled British kid (teen? Young adult?) who spends his days doing drugs and committing crimes. A perfect video snapshot for a song titled "Is That Your Life." You need to watch it through to the end though, because everything is not as it seems. The video was directed by Tricky & Len Trusty.

“Because there’s so much bollocks going on at the moment mate. People follow celebrities and read every little thing they do. It’s living vicariously through someone else. Get your own life. All this stuff is false idols. That’s what helps keep the status quo,” said Trick about how he came up with the album title and recording label name.

False Idols  includes appearances from artists who are his new False Idols label, including Francesca Belmonte, Fifi Rong, Nneka and Peter Silberman.


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Watch Tricky - “Is That Your Life” - Free Video



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