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Spacelab Retrograde: My Bloody Valentine - Loveless


By: Corey Tate
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November 7, 2013


It was 22 years ago this week that this classic album was launched on the world, and the band never could have predicted the impact it would have on music. There were many shoegaze bands around at the time, and My Bloody Valentine didn’t define the movement. After Loveless, MBV became the blueprint for a so-called “shoegaze” sound, and for good reason. Loveless became the album that was in everyone's library, every musician name-dropped as an influence and featured the now famous tremolo drops that proved to be the most fantastic hooks ever.

One of the things I like the most about Loveless is how some of the songs seem to play at slow motion and regular speed at the same time, creating an off-kilter, jarring effect. Different parts of the song seem to move in the opposite direction of the meandering guitars. The album's opening track “Only Shallow” does this well, with the pounding drums every four measures and right before the chorus kicks in.

Loveless also introduced a new concept that gets revisited throughout the album: the song-ending interlude. At the end of many of the songs is the fantastic open space filled an otherworldly glow, almost another song onto itself. Usually a kind of droney, keyboardey, feedbackish kind of space. They're fantastic.

My Bloody Valentine - “Only Shallow” video



My Bloody Valentine - Loveless Tracklist

01 Only Shallow 0:00

02 Loomer 4:17

03 Touched 9:34

04 To Here Knows When 10:30

05 When You Sleep 16:00

06 I Only Said 20:13

07 Come In Alone 25:47

08 Sometimes 29:46

09 Blown a Wish 35:04

10 What You Want 38:41

11 Soon 44:14



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Spacelab Retrograde: My Bloody Valentine - Loveless Full Album

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