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Laurel Halo Interview: More Experiments On New Album

Laurel Halo Interview: More Experiments On New Album

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Some artists are willing to change the way they make music in an effort to appeal to more fans, and some aren't. Commonly called pandering, the idea that you can make music more accessible is laughable at best, since some artists that try to make their music appeal to more people often results in the opposite effect: there's nothing interesting to latch onto.

Laurel Halo is adapting her approach on her new album Chance Of Rain, but one that's in favor of more experimentation and might end up alienating some ears. In a new interview with Exclaim, she said the her new approach is "Weirder and less accessible, because it's not as instantly gratifying in terms of having vocal hooks to latch onto."

What it did, though, seems like a novel approach to bringing the music to life in a live performance setting. She set up blocks of sounds that allowed for an improvisational changing based on what she wanted to do on any given night performing the music.

"The tracks were originally made to be improvised live, basically sample sequences and drum patterns that I would build and shape on the fly, but after recording the stems, there was quite a bit of post-processing in the studio."

Check out more from the Exclaim interview.

Larel Halo’s album Chance of Rain was released on on Hyperdub, which means a chance of awesome, at the end of October. The Ann Arbor-to-Brooklyn electronic music chanteuse has dabbled in styles like witch house, dream pop and experimental electronic music; Chance of Rain will the follow up to 2012's debut album Quarantine. She has tour dates this Fall, and will be at the Electronic Beats Festival in Berlin.


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