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November 11, 2013

The Boiler Room shows are as legendary as they are prolific, this time around we have Daniel Avery in for a full-on THREE HOUR marathon performance. Daniel Avery, known for being a Fabric DJ as well as the provocative new video he just released for the song “All I Need,” shows why he’s so great at being a live performer instead just being a studio wonk. It’s todays free MP3 download, and is the perfect song to take you through your day no matter what you’re doing: working, exercising or just being chill.

There’s a lof  sounds, including music from his new Drone Logic, which you can listen to parts of here. The music is immediate and fresh, sounding very right now instead of falling into the trap of recreating the past of electronic music.

“Although I wanted to make something very current, something that could only have been made in 2013 - I found myself going back to records like the Chemical Brothers’ Surrender and Dig Your Own Hole as well as albums by Four Tet and Underworld. Records with a real dynamic; records that take you with them. None of those albums sound like ‘computer music’. That was definitely something I wanted to avoid. I wanted the album to have a real life to it; it needed to be much more than just a bloke in a bedroom on a laptop making tracks.”


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Listen to A Daniel Avery Boiler Room Mix | Free MP3 Download


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