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Band Name Checker App Helps You Choose The Right Band Name

Band Name Checker App Helps You Choose The Right Band Name

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So you're starting a band ... big dreams and bigger music. What are you going to call yourself? The name is ultra-important -- it defines you before people even hear your music, giving a first impression to people.

More importantly ... you don't want to choose a name that someone already has right? Is a Google Search really enough? Big data technology group The Echo Nest has just solved the problem for you, with the creation of an app called Is This Band Name Taken?

"If you’re starting a band, or are just curious to know whether your latest ingenious band name is taken, consider bookmarking the band name checker whipped up by The Echo Nest data alchemist Glenn McDonald. It’s pretty simple: You just ask, “Is this band name taken?” and the aptly named web app responds “Yes, think of something else,” or “Maybe not. Get good fast,”" reads the announcement from The Echo Nest. Find out more, or try the app for yourself.
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