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Arcade Fire Announce Reflektor Tour For 2014

Arcade Fire Announce Reflektor Tour

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Ever since the 9/9/9 campaign started, you've been looking forward to this: Arcade Fire tour dates. It was only a matter of time, and the schedule lays out a big year for 2014.


Today we have the list of Arcade Fire tour dates in support of their new album Reflektor, and it includes festivals

like Big Day Out, Lollapalooza Chile, Lollapalooza Brazil, Primavera Sound, as well as leaving the second half of summer for more US dates. Given that the band is in for all of the international Lollapalooza gigs so far, they seem likely (though yet unannounced) for the US-based Lollapalooza for 2014.

Get the freshest set of Arcade Fire tour dates here.


Arcade Fire Live - Here Comes the Night Time


Win Butler was on Zane Lowe's BBC Radio 1 show and talked about how many songs were brought to the recording process and how it evolved into a double album.

"I think in Connecticut we were playing maybe 50 or 60 songs, like we literally played 60 songs while we were there and then kind of slowly refined it."

There's only 6-7 songs on each album, so he talked about how that still is enough to stretch into two complete albums worth of material: "It's longer than [2010 album] 'The Suburbs' – it's a double record – mostly down to the fact that the songs are a lot longer. I mean, 'Reflector' is seven-and-a-half, there's another couple of seven-minute songs on the record and so it made more sense to stretch it out to two records with two distinct sides. It's more of a classic double LP vibe where you have to flip the side and it takes you to a different place. "

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