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Watch The Pretty Lights Show in San Francisco Live On Nov. 30

Find Out How To Watch The Pretty Lights Show in San Francisco Live On Nov. 30

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Can't make it to the Pretty Lights show in San Francisco on Nov. 30? Or any show on the tour? Get on the Pretty Lights pay-per-view on the San Francisco show, he's making it available via IN DEMAND, Avail-TVN, DIRECTV, and DISH Network. The show should be pretty spectacular, it's for Derek's latest album A Color Map of the Sun, and includes a full band of live performers. If you want to see how great of a performance it could be, check out the recent performance on Conan with Talib Kweli.

A Color Map of the Sun was Derek's big attempt to create electronic music that was a pure play live performance. He went to great lengths, including  cutting his own vinyl so he can then use that in live playback to records other tracks, rotating musicians in and out the studio to improvise live with PL acting as the conductor, and doing a “modern production album created completely with gear and hardware that existed 40 years ago.”


WATCH: The Making of  A Color Map of the Sun From Pretty Lights

“Electronic music is booming but the Pretty Lights show is wildly different and exponentially more sophisticated than what people assume about a typical EDM show,” said Derek Vincent Smith.


“I have never had so much fun performing live as I am having on the Pretty Lights 2013 Analog Future Tour. The fact that people will be able to experience the performance via countless cameras on television in their own home makes me so excited because those viewers will get to glimpse the full extent of what is actually happening on stage.”

The album turned out great, it's really vibey and really plays as a live song can and doesn’t feel canned. Some of the artists on the live tour include Adam Deitch (Break Science), Brian Coogan (New Orleans All-Star), Borahm Lee (Break Science), Scott Flynn (John Brown's Body) and Eric Bloom (Lettuce) on trumpet.

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