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November 18, 2013

Vex Ruffin released his self-titled album last week, and is offering a free album stream of all twelve songs. After the eerie and ominous album opener “Living For The Future,” we hit might be the album’s lead single with “Prime Of My Life.” The slap bass is a draw from the southern California vibe that’s inherent in his music (given that he’s in LA) and also plays nicely into the minimal punk stance his music has.

At the same time, Vex also draws on garage rock and indie rock kind of sounds. In a completely ironic gesture though, he also uses the SP 303 sampler and takes cues from hip hop culture. What you get is a fantastic sound that combines the opposite ends of southern California music. If you dig this, also check out Vex’s No Escape EP.


Stones Throw Records adds “Vex is the first and only artist signed to Stones Throw Records on the strength of an unsolicited demo sent through the mail. Peanut Butter Wolf recalls, ‘It was kind of a fluke that I listened. I just liked the drawing on the cover so I decided to check it out. I called the phone number on the CD and Vex thought I was his friend playing a practical joke.’”


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