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November 21, 2013

The new Arcade Fire video for “Afterlife” is a blurring of the real and not real. It was directed by Emily Kai Bock and produced by The Creators Project, who said "the film's narrative is dark and compelling, incorporating nightmares, lost lovers, and familial bonds into a somnambulistic seven minutes." They also have a Q & A session with director which you can read here.

Emily talks about how the video is a split between reality and dreaming, saying "Dreams do look like real life. They aren’t the cheesy, blown-out, digitally rendered thing we've seen in pop culture a million times. When I’m dreaming I’m convinced it’s waking life. I didn’t want to have to show the audience that the film's characters were dreaming. I wanted the dream to look as real as it feel to me. Plus, I wanted black and white as a divide between generations--the father dreams in black and white while his sons dream in vivid color. I like to think about how kids dream as compared to how their parents dream."


Watch The New Arcade Fire Video For “Afterlife”

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