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Now It's Legit: Deezer Is Launching In The US

Deezer Is Launching In The US

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In today's rough and ready music tech world, it seems like it would be so difficult for any more streaming music services to launch in the US and be able compete with Pandora Radio, Spotify and Rdio. They've been working overtime to sign up freemium users and convert them to premium users. As the layoffs announced recently by Rdio and others, the year-end reckoning is currently happening. Streaming music services are struggling to make it.

Which is why it's even more interesting that Deezer has just confirmed earlier reports that it will launch its streaming music service in the US. To music fans in Europe, Deezer is as well-known a name as Spotify was before US users even knew what Spotify was.

Deezer co-founder Daniel Marhely told Agency-France Press that "In principle, it's a project for 2014," adding "2014 will be an American year for us." Deezer might make a smarter play than the other stand-alone streaming music services mentioned above: they have the ability to learn from the mistakes of Pandora and Spotify in gaining traction with users.

Deezer USA will likely partner with a telecom company, who will then bundle their service with a broad digital subscription package. This means that when someone signs up with a phone service for thier smartphone, like AT&T or Verizon, Deezer could come with that service and be priced into your overall monthly bill.

This could give Deezer millions of paying users right off the bat. They're also looking beyond the Telcos to other companies to be aquired, and the big rumor right now is that they're talking to Microsoft. This would get them on to the fast-growing Windows Phone, notw the #3 player in the game.

Muve Music did this and has steadily grown with the two things a streaming music service needs to grow and survive: 1) users and 2) people who pay for the service instead using the free version.

Deezer users are notoriously big on the service, so by all accounts Deezer 2014 could be a big year .
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