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Kim Dotcom Is Launching His Music Service Baboom In 2014

Kim Dotcom Is Launching His Music Service Baboom In 2014

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Kim Dotcom is famous for launching revolutionary products that the industry loves to hate and music fans love to love. His antihero stance makes him controversial to some and inspiring to others. It's with no surprise then, that he's launching a music service to take on Spotify and iTunes. It's called Baboom ,and although it's been public record for a while, a new interview with Wired sees Kim Dotcom shining a light on how it's coming along.

I've been working on it for 3.5 years (with some interruptions after the raid) and we have a team of 22 people in Portugal developing the site. We are making an iTunes-Spotify hybrid competitor which allows artists to sell direct to their fanbase and keep 90 percent of sales. On top of that we'll be the first site that offers a solution for artists to make money even when we offer music for free," he said.

"Baboom users can install a little plugin that replaces the ads you'd normally see on the internet with ones that we control through our ad network."

So they plan to let people buy ads like Google AdWords does, and "100 percent of the money is credited to the user, who can spend it on music. It's basically rewarding the user for the ad impressions that they are exposed to every day.

There's no official Baboom release date, but keep an eye on this one ... Kim Dotcom always proves to be an endless innovator who always comes up with something interesting.
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