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There's Hope For Vinyl: Rough Trade Opens In Brooklyn Today

There's Hope For Vinyl: Rough Trade Opens In Brooklyn Today

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Anyone fearing the decline of vinyl should be optimistic about its future: the London-based legend Rough Trade Records opens a new location in New York today. Located in Brooklyn, the store will focus on being a destination experience, i.e not just a record store but a place to experience many things: live shows, art installations and an industrial design layout.

"Rough Trade NYC, on a not-quite-postindustrial block of North Ninth Street, near the East River, is the kind of place that most music fans had given up hope for in New York: an airy 15,000-square-foot temple to record retail, with a coffee counter and a 300-person-capacity performance space with a bar that will present concerts almost daily," said the NY Times.


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