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YouTube Music Videos Arrive For Nintendo 3DS

YouTube Music Videos Arrive For Nintendo 3DS

By: Zain
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There is no doubt that Sony’s PlayStation 4 grabbed all the attention recently, but that hasn’t stopped Nintendo from making news of its own. Just when people’s interest was about to shift to other consoles, Nintendo has made sure that its current users stick to Nintendo consoles. Nintendo has finally announced that the YouTube app has launched on Nintendo 3DS, allowing users to browse, search and explore videos on the handheld gaming console.

Introduction of YouTube on Nintendo 3DS is yet another reason for gamers to stay addicted to Nintendo 3DS, since users can now easily watch and share videos on YouTube using their Nintendo 3DS. The app is available for Europe and North America; other countries will have to wait a little before they can access the YouTube app on their Nintendo 3DS and enjoy unlimited video surfing, which also includes Hulu and Netflix.

And if the YouTube attraction is not enough, Nintendo has also announced that users can now combine their account balances from Nintendo 3DS and Wii U consoles on the Nintendo eShop. This means that Nintendo users who have account balances in either of the consoles can now use them wherever they want, whenever they want.

So it’s obvious that Nintendo has not given up and is constantly struggling to compete with the Sony’s new PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One, by introducing new and exciting features in their current consoles.
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