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Google Play Music Is Now Officially Available On Google Glass

Google Play Music Is Now Officially Available On Google Glass

By: Zain
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Google Glass has finally been updated with one of the most exciting and awaited app: Play Music. It was only a month ago when Google confirmed that music app feature will be added in the Google Glass. And since then, users from all over the globe have been impatiently waiting for the good news. And now, the wait is finally over. Google Glass has been officially updated with Google Play Music and All Access, Google’s on-demand music streaming service.

A lot of Google Glass owners right now are developers themselves, so it was expected that installing the upcoming feature will not at all be a problem for them. But to everybody’s surprise, Google has made it easy for home users as well. The featured app has been added to the list of official apps available for Google Glass. The process of installing the app is extremely easy, and once the installation is complete, the user can very conveniently access his/her music collection. Saying “Okay Glass, listen to” followed by the name of an artist, song, album or playlist will do the trick. The information of the song, including the name of the song, artist’s name etc will be displayed on the Glass and some other basic commands like pause and skip to next track will also be displayed.

With the All Access integration, users are not limited to their personal track collections but can also listen to tracks from All Access. Listening to your favorite tracks and streaming music using the Google Glass is the next big thing now.


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