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Spotify Launched A New Website For Artists, Musicians & Their Managers

By: Zain
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Spotify has launched a new website at  www.spotifyartists.com, as a brand new way of letting artists, managers and musicians stay in touch with the general public. The subscription process for is easy and is open to everyone, and lets you filter through analytics of artists play performance on Spotify.

They partnered with Next Big Sound, it gives artists and managers access to data about the number of times their songs have been played, total streams, and even track by track information along with other details including demographic data. Therefore, Spotify has yet again tried to rise back and help musicians and artists, but this time the approach is different.

The streaming music service claimed that once the website reached 40 million subscribers, even the niche independent albums would be making as much as $17,000 a month. This is possible because Spotify pays approximately 70% of its total revenues to the music industry shareholders, who are then responsible for paying various songwriters and musicians their shares. Spotify claims that the average payout to all the rightholders for each time a track is played will be between $0.006 and $0.0084.


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