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Queens Of The Stone Age Already Have A New Album

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Queens of the Stone Age released their incredible album ... Like Clockwork last year, confirming the band's appeal as a hard rock/alternative band doing music well in the age of mediocrity. Hungry for more? There's good news -- the band already has the songs written for a new album that they plan to record later this year.


"Absolutely. We have more than enough songs. We're booked til September, but after that we plan to jump in the studio and get going," frontman Josh Homme said in an interview with Rolling Stone.


So it might take a while after the recording before the actual album comes out, but things look good for Queens of the Stone Age fans for 2015. The band and Josh Homme are looking forward to getting lost in the creative process.


"When it's time to make music, that's about getting lost for me. To be a control freak is not half as good as being a freak who's casually in control. You're feeling around in the dark for something that feels good. As long as you're not in an orgy, that can be an amazing moment."


Check out Queens of the Stone Age on Austin City Limits from this past weekend, along with extra footage.

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