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deadmau5 Has Two New Albums Ready To Go

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A new deadmau5 album has been completed, according to deadmau5 himself. He sent the message out on the deadmau5 Twitter, saying "in other news... i finished my album today. 2 discs. 2 continuous mixes. 25 tracks. and something im proud of." So there's a possible double release here ... or maybe two releases to happen at different times. We know that they will be continuous mixes though, as opposed to individual tracks. Who said the album is dead? deadmau5 is kickin the new school, old school-style. There's no official release date or formal announcement, so this is one to keep tabs on for 2014.

There's also the possibility of a new approach to playing live shows, or at least new gear. A later Twitter conversation saw deadmau5 responding to a question about why he started his subscription saw him respond "because someone needs tour funds for this stupid 11 million dollar idea i have. Plus you get all that music. win win."


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