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Beats Music Is OUT!

Beats Music Is OUT Today For iPhone, iPad and Android!

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The new streaming music service Beats Music is out today, and is available on the iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and on your desktop. I've been playing music with it this morning and am loving it so far.

It offers some of the standard streaming music service things like playback of songs, albums or playlists, but the best part of Beats Music appears to be the curated playlists and the part of the app called "The Sentence." This lets you fill in four parts of a sentence based on where you're at, what you're doing, who you're with and a style of music. It's fantastic

This really wraps the music recommendations around the context of everything you want music to be at anytime: fits your mood, activity, place and style of music.


It's a pretty immersive experience and simple to use. I'm spending less time figuring out how to use it since its intuitive, and spending more time actually experimenting with playback options and finding music.



There's $10 individual plan and a $15 Family Plan that allows for up to five users. It's also packaged as a bundle offering with AT&T.

I'll write more on the Beats Music experience later in a full-on review, but for now, it's worth kicking the tires and seeing what you think of it.


This is good news for anyone who's been waiting for the long dormant streaming music service MOG to convert into Beats Music. MOG has been operational, but locked in a zone of no new development or features for over a year. The service will end formally as MOG this Spring.


Beats Music will compete with the other streaming music sites that use an interactive licence to authorize music playback. These are Spotify, Rdio and Rhapsody to name the big guys -- others include Grooveshark and SoundCloud. Pandora Radio and Slacker Radio use a less-costly non-interactive license and limit a user's options for playback control.


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