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January 27, 2014

Daedelus has shared music that he contributed to the Nidhogg video game soundtrack with a song called “Clouds.” Nidhogg is a video game based around sword fighting, and its look and feel is pixelated and old school, so it stands to reason  that the music would have an old school video game soundtrack feel to it.

It's a great throwback to the 8-bit chipset sound of music that anyone who's spent time in video games will recognize: a little prog, a little basic in its sound aesthetics. But narrowing the scope can so often force an artist to innovate in other ways, and that's what Daedelus does here: escape the hi-fi for the lo-fi and low tech chip music sound, and focus instead on songcraft and telling a story through music.

"It's nice when an opportunity provides an excuse to try on other styles, but I'm also smiling when I can find a way through the labyrinth including some of where I've been. Clouds, I believe does just that in harkening back to my previous albums a bit," Daedelus said in the SoundCloud comments.


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