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Com Truise: Winter Tour Starts In The Coldest Parts of North America

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Given the recent run of the Polar Vortex, Com Truise is showing some cojones in travelling to the midwest this February for a new set of tour dates. The opening six shows in Canada and the US read like a hit list of some of the coldest places thiw winter: Montreal, Toronto, Detroit, Chicago, Madison and Minneapolis, the last one I live and can safely say that frigid would sound like raising the current temperature. It's a wind chill of -11° as I write these word. Still, the payoff for the Com Truise tour happens later when heads south and southwest for warmer climates. I hope the tour bus has good heat!

He also shared a new song recently with “Subsonic,” off of his Wave 1 EP on Ghostly, who said this about the music: "Wave 1 is the first new transmission the world has received from producer Seth Haley since his gloriously futuristic debut album Galactic Melt. That album cataloged the genesis and evolution of Haley's alter ego Com Truise — the world’s first synthetic/robotic astronaut, as Haley described him — and this EP continues the character's journey into the outer reaches of the musical multiverse. In the process, it also builds on Haley's signature production style, one that's rooted in classic sci-fi sounds and analogue textures but nevertheless manages to sound utterly contemporary."


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