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SoundCloud Gets Visualizations With #HearWhatsHappening

SoundCloud Gets Visualizations With #HearWhatsHappening

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Right on the heels of talk that SoundCloud might be negotiating with the major recording labels to get their sounds on SoundCloud comes the news that SoundCloud has launched a cool new feature called Visualizations, a.k.a. #HearWhatsHappening.

Although the visualizations appear to be static (not really what you might expect given iTunes Visualizations or the kind of animated algorithms that we've seen over past years in a number of media players, ut a good update to the staccato look and feel of the SoundCloud player app.

Now you can drop in album artwork, photos, art, or whatever you want with your SoundCloud sounds. The player will show “Related tracks” when the audio is paused or done playing, similar to YouTube.

"You’re already used to seeing and sharing the SoundCloud player all over the web. But today it’s getting a new look: we’re excited to launch our new visual player, making tracks look as good as they sound, anywhere. Telling you about it is one thing, but showing it is even better," reads the announcement from the SoundCloud blog.
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