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Thievery Corporation Gets Outernational With Their New Album Saudade, Check Out “Depth Of My Soul”

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It's to time to get far out ... way out ... to the outernationalists known as Thievery Corporation. The duo of Rob Garza and Eric Hilton have been making internationally influenced beats, music and stylings for over a decade and are definite OG music makers when it comes to electronic music. If you dig Thievery Corporation then dig this: they're releasing a new album called Saudade on April 1st on their own ESL Records. Check out their new song from the album with “Depth Of My Soul” with Shana Halligan below.

“We wanted to take a break from that kind of record and dive into one particular style that we really love and explore it, without thinking about making an electronic album,” Rob Garza said when speaking to WSJ, who premiered the single.

“This album is really about mine and Eric’s love of bossa nova music and jazz and cinematic soundtrack music from the late ’60s and early ’70s.”

They cite influences like dub, reggae, Indian and Middle Eastern as part of the group's legacy of influences. I've always liked their music based on how international it sounds. It's like world music, but it avoids all of the cliches of world music and instead presents a refined taste of a global influence.


UPDATE: They just released their new single “Depth of My Soul,” take a listen below.


“Depth of My Soul”


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