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Listen to Temples - Sun Structures (Full Album)
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February 3, 2014

The first two bands you might think of when listening to the new Temples album Sun Structures are The Byrds and The Beatles, but a third quickly emerges: Oasis at the height of their songwriting power. Temples are not only tapping into the psyche vibe for this one, but also indie pop as well. Throwbacks to Syd Barrett (the old) and The Sudden Death of Stars (the new) are also present as well. There's even a bit of the Flaming Lips here. The whole album is streaming in full from NPR Music this week.

NPR Music sees the Byrds and Beatles references too, but more as foundational than referential: "Temples' music claims its own place, weaving these inspirations into crazy-beautiful and richly idiosyncratic music. This type of inspiration/innovation circuit ran hot during the 1970s (see Badfinger, Harry Nilsson, et al), and Temples' iteration can be read as more proof of the enduring strength of the Fab Four's foundational ideas."



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