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Pink Mountaintops Return With J Mascis & Annie Hardy

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Steve McBean and his Pink Mountaintops project are returning this Spring with what looks like an interesting new album. Spurred by his move to Los Angeles, McBean has been inspired by his new surroundings, and is recreating what he sees in a new album called Get Back. There's a ton of people making guest appearnces, including  J Mascis (Dinosaur Jr & Witch), Annie Hardy (Giant Drag), Rob Barbato (Darker My Love, The Fall & Cass McCombs), Steve Kille (Dead Meadow), Daniel Allaire (Brian Jonestown Massacre, Cass McCombs & Darker My Love) and a lot more, check out the full cast of characters here.

As for the influences on Get Back, take it from Stephen McBean himself: “Alleys, curbs, walls, and cigarette-stained gig flyers. An island on the Pacific coast. Fake British towns. Slayer posters. The beauty of youth. It’s about listening to ‘Driver’s Seat’ and ‘Guns of Brixton’ and hotboxing The Duster.”

As for now, we have the interesting new single “North Hollywood Microwaves,” which includes Annie Hardy from Giant Drag. Get Back has a release date of Apr. 28/29. So far this sounds like a great new vibe for Pink Mountaintops.


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