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Jonny Greenwood (Radiohead) Is Doing The Film Score For Inherent Vice

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Jonny Greenwood and Paul Thomas Anderson are working together again on another film score, this time for the crime drama Inherent Vice. The news was broke by FilmMusicReporter, who said that "Greenwood’s score will be recorded this month with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in London." The two have worked before, on film scores for the excellent There Will Be Blood as well as The Master.

What they've come up with in the past was largely symphonic and cinematic, so consider any Radiohead-esque sounds off the table for this one, unless you consider songwriting styles applied to a whole new range of instruments and implementation.



Inherent Vice will feature Joaquin Phoenix, Reese Witherspoon, Josh Brolin, Benicio Del Toro, Owen Wilson, Jena Malone, Martin Short and Maya Rudolph, so it looks set to be a big movie.

Jonny Greenwood is also currently working with Bryce Dessner from The National on a joint album of collected works.
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