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February 10, 2014

Avey Tare from Animal Collective is back with a great new song from his Slasher Flicks. The song is "Little Fang," and is part of a new album called Enter The Slasher House, which is due out on Domino Records on April 8.

The vocal effect is reminiscent of E.L.O., and the sound is distinctly different from Animal Collective. He's working with Angel Deradoorian from Dirty Projectors and Jeremy Hyman from Ponytail on this one, and the sound might have been shaped by being located in Los Angeles, a move that is becoming more common these days.

"If LA is an environment to get lost in, as they claim, this group sewing roots in SoCal have become lost in the best way: relocating and reinventing sounds they’re already skilled in making, sounds that as Avey Tare says, are not only regionally unrestricted but that “come from a place that’s not human,”" reads the press release.


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