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New Conor Oberst Album + Record Store Day + Tour

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Blasting Back from 2012 with a new release: Conor Oberst with a new album titled Upside Down Mountain due out on May 20 via Nonesuch Records. He's also doing a Record Store Day release with the album track “Hundreds Of Ways” (which includes a b-side of “Fast Friends”) which you can preview below. It has a country-influenced alt-americana (even though I shudder at that label) feel to it.

He's touring with Dawes, who perform not only opening act duties but will also be Conor Oberst's backing band as well. I wonder if they get paid overtime for that?



He may be settling down in Omaha (he opened a bar and married his girlfriend) but he’s definitely not gonna take up promoting his album on social media: "I don't know if it makes me an asshole to not want to talk to my fans. But I'm not going to sit on a fucking computer and try to talk to some fucking 16-year-old in wherever-the-fuck," he told Rolling Stone in an interview before taking a sip of pinot noir.

"I try to remind myself to be grateful. I'm not a fucking superstar. I'm not a bazillionaire. I get to do my shit, and for the most part people leave me alone. And that's the way I want it."


Conor Oberst - Hundreds of Ways


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